Oracle SQL Certification Training

In general, Structured Query Language, or SQL, forms the backbone of websites that require multi-user databases. If you’re hoping to gain the knowledge that drives some of today’s hottest websites, look no further than Oracle SQL certification. Oracle’s extensive training options span SQL as well as MySQL, another well-known database technology used by websites like Facebook, Wikipedia and Twitter.

Both developers and database administrators, or DBAs, can boost their qualifications with Oracle SQL training or coursework on related technologies like MySQL. For example, Oracle training for DBAs includes SQL tuning workshops. If you are more focused on development, you might choose a class on Procedural Language extension of SQL, or PL/SQL certification. Oracle offers multiple options for SQL-related certification designed to appeal to database administrators, application developers, and those both new to and familiar with the technology.

Oracle SQL certification and database administrator training

The Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert credential is designed to show mastery of the key concepts of a relational database as well as the skills required for working with the powerful SQL programming language. According to Oracle, this certification demonstrates expertise working with SQL to manipulate data within a database, control privileges, and use advanced reporting and querying techniques.

Training for the 2-hour, 70-question Oracle Database SQL Expert exam reflects the complexity and difficulty of the test. One certification preparation course includes the following objectives:

  • Acquire data using advanced search sub-queries
  • Employ SQL search functions to create and retrieve custom data
  • Manage schema objects and control user access
  • Retrieve column and row data from tables by using the SELECT statement
  • Use data manipulation statements to update acquired data

It’s optimal to find training from Oracle Certified Professionals with database administration experience.

Related training and certifications from Oracle

Customize your training to your experience and career goals. Certifications in related technologies include those for MySQL and PL, for example:

  • Developer Oracle Certified Professional or OCP: MySQL 5 Developer
  • Database Administrator OCP: MySQL 5 Database Administrator
  • Database Administrator Oracle Certified Expert or OCE: MySQL 5.1 Cluster Database Administrator
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer: Oracle Certified Associate or OCA

The certifications above represent only a small part of Oracle’s full suite of certifications, which span Oracle Exadata, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Java Standard or Enterprise Edition, Oracle WebLogic Server and more. Your specific goals in the IT workforce should help determine the training and certification you decide to earn.

Choose your SQL training experience

SQL certification preparation courses vary in cost, coursework, practice testing methods and time commitment requirements. Dedication is necessary; for example, those who seek the Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert credential must learn to manipulate large data sets and also be familiar with the concepts of controlling access and privileges for schema objects. Though preparing can be time-consuming, it may mean the difference between passing and failing an important SQL certification exam.

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