Oracle PL/SQL Certification Training

More than 80 percent of individuals who earned a certification in the last five years reported that it was a worthwhile endeavor, according to Global Knowledge’s 2011 IT Skills and Salary Report. Oracle PL/SQL certification offers a way to expand your skill set and demonstrate your expertise in working with databases.

Oracle describes Procedural Language/Structured Query Language, or PL/SQL, as a 3rd-generation language created to process SQL commands. Its syntax was built for this purpose, and it supports the same datatypes as SQL. This language is integrated with Oracle database products, which makes it a powerful tool for administrators, computer programmers and resident IT experts in any business. Oracle Database 11g incorporates enhancements to PL/SQL designed to improve usability.

Earning PL/SQL certification and related credentials

Earning an Oracle certification in any category requires a passing grade on at least one examination. Check out the Oracle PL/SQL certifications, including exam details and just a few of the topics you’ll need to know on the test:

  • Program with PL/SQL: 66 questions, 90 minutes; topics include creating procedures, creating packages, creating functions and Oracle supplied packages
  • Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL: 70 questions, 90 minutes; topics include PL/SQL fundamentals and developing PL/SQL program units
  • Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL: 68 questions, 90 minutes; topics include designing PL/SQL code, working with collections, using advanced interface methods and implementing fine-grained access control for Virtual Private Database, or VPD
  • Oracle Advanced PL/SQL Developer Certified Professional: An advanced PL/SQL designation that requires prior certification as an Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate, plus a passing score on the Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL exam

These wide-ranging certifications can further enhance your knowledge of Oracle technology:

  • Oracle Database 11g Administrator: Two exams, including the 70-question, 90-minute Oracle Database 11g: Administration 1 exam; topics include exploring the Oracle database architecture, preparing the database environment and database maintenance
  • Oracle Database: SQL Certified Expert: 70 questions, 120 minutes; topics include retrieving data using the SQL SELECT statement, restricting and sorting data, using the set operators, and more

Testing and retesting for certification could be time-consuming; smart preparation before you sit for an exam can increase your chances of success.

Career paths for PL/SQL certified individuals

A recent job search on found job listings for application developers, systems analysts, data architects, developer analysts, financials developers and programmer analysts, each calling for candidates to have experience with PL/SQL. Oracle reports that its database technology is a world leader in the relational database or RDBMS market; the software is widely used by diverse industries.

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