Visual Basic .NET Training Courses

Microsoft Visual Basic .NET training prepares IT professionals for crucial roles as application developers and corporate technology architects. Even though other programming platforms get more attention in today’s popular press, Visual Basic .NET still underpins critical software in many of the world’s biggest companies. In fact, as Microsoft edges its way into cloud deployments on its Windows Azure platform, employers seek VB.NET professionals who can preserve existing code while adding new functions and modules that leverage distributed computing technology.

Ideal candidates for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET training

According to Microsoft, Visual Basic professionals split their time almost evenly between writing code and managing projects. VB.NET courses appeal to aspiring IT workers who want to shift from either management or coding into more comprehensive roles as leaders and visionaries. Microsoft Visual Basic .NET training and certifications can help professionals qualify for jobs as:

  • Enterprise application developers. Working either in-house or as contracted consultants, enterprise developers help companies streamline and improve their proprietary systems.
  • Web developers. Dynamic Web applications can use Visual Basic .NET for server management, data analysis, and code testing.
  • Windows developers. Programmers and engineers use VB.NET to code quickly for the Windows environment. Some developers use industry-specific experience from other jobs to complement their coding skills, becoming known as line-of-business specialists.

In addition, VB.NET courses help programmers prepare for the expanding mobile computing market. Windows Phone 7 supports applications coded in Visual Basic, using Microsoft’s Visual Studio programming suite. Enterprise users who rely on the Windows Phone platform for their company’s custom mobile apps require programmers who can bridge the gap between new and old versions of the operating system.

VB.NET courses and certifications

Microsoft’s own recommended VB.NET classroom course takes only five full days to complete. As part of the broader Visual Studio certification, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET training complements skills in C# and in Web programming. Visual Studio 2010 certification also includes

  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD). Coders can prove their mastery of core Microsoft development skills with the MCPD certification. VB.NET forms just a part of the .NET Framework candidates will need to understand to qualify for this certification.
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS). Developers qualify for this certification by mastering a specific technology or by strengthening their skills within a vertical niche. Some IT professionals combine multiple MCTS certifications to corner the market on an unusual specialty.

Candidates for Microsoft certification can use different combinations of exams to focus on specific niches, such as corporate collaboration tools or database-driven applications. Microsoft also offers upgrade paths for MCPDs certified on earlier versions of Visual Studio, enabling professionals to earn recognition for keeping their skills current with the latest tools and technology.

Microsoft Visual Basic .NET training modes

Microsoft publishes numerous guides to help certification candidates prepare for exams. However, most IT professionals enjoy the best professional development experiences by matching their learning styles to VB.NET courses. Classroom courses inspire real-time collaboration, preparing students to work in teams. Online VB.NET courses help students quickly and conveniently add Visual Basic to their repertoires, while asynchronous video and software-based courses allow experienced coders to translate experience to a new platform. Wide availability of professional Visual Basic training makes this popular programming language accessible to most aspiring developers.

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