AS400 Training Courses

Enterprises are moving an ever-widening amount of their digital business resources into the client/server model. AS400 training is one of the ways for IT workers to master the architectures and configurations of these vital server machines.

IBM has rebranded its AS400, or AS/400, products as System i, and most recently as IBM Power Systems. The vendor offers resources such as training and technical documentation for Power Systems including AS400, iSeries and System i products.

What skills can be learned in AS400 training?

Depending on the path a student takes, courses focused on IBM technology can teach several useful skills to server-side IT pros. Here’s a short list of the learning paths available:

  • WebSphere/Java
  • System Administrator
  • Application Development
  • Virtualization
  • Solutions

Each of these IBM certification training paths comes with its own particular set of skills. The Solutions path focuses on system storage, simplification and consolidation, as well as topics such as change management. The System Administrator path has a stronger concentration on system security and media services.

Application developers in these courses are taught control language programming and the finer points of query tools like SQL. The WebSphere/Java path centers on the development, monitoring and tuning of WebSphere applications and Java technology. Students taking training in Virtualization learn to apply their administration skills to the emerging world of remote and virtual computing.

These descriptions are very general, of course, and these learning paths aren’t the only training available for IBM products. Other courses–whether online or on-campus–exist to supplement many niches in the IT market.

Who is best suited to AS400 courses?

Established professionals who are making the switch to a new set of server equipment are likely to fare best in courses of this kind. Recent college graduates with degrees in computer science or engineering also make good prospective students.

IT courses of this type tend to attract detail-oriented problem solvers with strong analytical skills. Most students have earned at least a bachelor’s degree, and a fair amount of certification candidates have master’s or professional degrees.

Do any occupations require AS400 training?

The online tech job site lists a range of positions that call for AS400 experience, including administrator, developer and technical support roles. For systems administration or application development jobs that specify their equipment as AS400, training or certification in IBM products demonstrates the candidates’ expertise. While qualified applicants may be able to get these jobs based on a good track record or a strong work history, targeted training should be a plus.

Are there any specific AS400 certifications available?

IBM has rebranded its AS400 certifications under the IBM Power Systems name in recent years. These certifications are offered at several levels:

  • IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert
  • IBM Certified Systems Expert
  • IBM Certified Operator
  • IBM Certified Technical Sales Expert
  • IBM Certified System Administrator

These certification paths also contain sub-paths, to help workers specialize their skills. For example, here are some paths for IBM Certified Systems Experts:

  • Enterprise Technical Support for AIX and Linux
  • Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux
  • High Availability for AIX Technical Support and Administration

Whether candidates are recent graduates looking to make a splash in the IT pool or established professionals looking to expand their skillset, IBM Power Systems training–including AS400 courses–is likely to enhance employment options.

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