Corel Software Suite Training Courses

Since the release of CorelDRAW in 1989, Corel has been a market leader in productivity software. Corel’s software suite has expanded to include video editing, illustration, photo and writing platforms that students can learn in Corel training courses.

What skills are taught in Corel training?

The specific subject matter of Corel courses depends on the particular piece of software that a student chooses to learn. Here’s a short list of Corel software products and what they do:

  • PaintShop Pro: Photo editing workspace with effects modules and sharing features
  • CorelDRAW Premium Suite: Graphic design, video editing, website design and a Flash animation platform in one bundle
  • VideoStudio Pro: Advanced video editing software featuring stabilization and correction tools
  • WordPerfect Office: Comprehensive word processing and desktop publishing program
  • CorelCAD: Customizable professional computer-aided drafting and design software with native support for DWG files

Corel also produces software tools for DVD creation and playback, file compression, digital painting and more. Corel training can help fill in the gaps for a student or professional in the world of media production.

Who are the best students for Corel courses?

Depending on the course provider, Corel training may be entry-level, intermediate, advanced or comprehensive. Students of design and newcomers to digital media production will fare best in the entry-level courses, while established professionals would do best to seek out the more advanced options.

Corel courses are concerned with graphical endeavors, so students with some sort of background in design fundamentals might have an advantage. A decent amount of expertise with general computer operation is also a big plus.

Are there any jobs that require Corel training?

Graphic design and other computer aided design jobs do usually come with the expectation that applicants will have in-depth skill with productivity software. Corel training courses can give students confidence that they have well-rounded skills. Although these jobs may not specifically require Corel training, knowing all the ins and outs of this productivity software suite could help bolster an applicant’s skills.

Can any certifications be earned after completing Corel courses?

While Corel itself doesn’t offer professional certification in its products, students can earn vendor-neutral graphic design certifications from certain professional organizations. Corel courses can help aspiring professionals put together the skills they need to earn these certifications as they seek success in today’s media industry.

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