Microsoft Outlook Training Courses

Who should take MS Outlook courses?

Anyone who uses electronic communication on a regular basis can reap the benefits of Microsoft Outlook training. From administrative and clerical workers to managerial, supervisory and executive personnel, professionals at every level of an organization stand to gain by knowing how to maximize the potential of their office communications.

Because much of the material covered in MS Outlook courses is geared toward organizing the system, people who prefer a systemic approach to their email, calendar and contacts are good candidates for this training.

What skills are learned during MS Outlook training?

Microsoft has updated the functionality of its office suite over the past several years. MS Outlook courses can help professionals familiarize themselves with features that have been added in recent builds of the software, particularly if they were accustomed to a previous version and want to locate their favorite commands in the updated interface.

MS Outlook training courses can also assist users with organizing their inboxes efficiently, personalizing an outgoing mail signature and integrating notifications from Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds into their email client. Storage and archiving features are covered in MS Outlook courses, as well as advanced backup, retrieval, sharing and search functions.

Students also learn how to make effective use of calendar management techniques, personal folders, and defenses against spam and junk email.

Are there any professions that require MS Outlook training?

MS Outlook is a user-friendly client, so a vast majority of professionals can send and receive messages through it without a great deal of instruction. Some occupations rely more closely on email than others, however, and courses can add an extra measure of effectiveness to workers in these communication-heavy positions.

What's more, an ability to use Outlook is often listed as preferred in office or clerical job postings. Candidates who have completed MS Outlook training will usually have advantages over their untrained counterparts when applying for these positions.

What certifications can be earned after completing MS Outlook courses?

Microsoft offers the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification to professionals with expert-level knowledge about the use of Office software. MS Outlook training, especially the manufacturer's own program, goes a long way to prepare students for certification exams.

The exam for MOS certification in Outlook tests students on message formatting using character and paragraph functions, graphical elements such as tables and charts, creation of contact groups, task scheduling and other key concepts from MS Outlook courses.

Here's a short list of occupations in which the MOS: Outlook credential can add value, accompanied by mean annual salary figures as reported by PayScale Inc.:

1. Executive Assistant - $50,451
2. Information Technology Specialist - $52,700
3. Administrative Assistant - $34,245
4. Help Desk Analyst - $42,693
5. Senior Technical Writer - $70,003

As this list suggests, MS Outlook training can bring occupational benefits to professionals in multiple fields. Workers in nearly any job that uses email to communicate can find something of value in MS Outlook courses.

Microsoft Outlook Training Courses
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