Microsoft Access Training Courses

When it comes to keeping information organized, there are a few programs that might outshine the rest. Among those is Microsoft Access, a database package that can help organizations, businesses and individuals stay on top of the game with quick and easy access to information.

According to vendor training information, MS Access is a tool for gathering and understanding data. For example, Access can be handy for the following kinds of information tracking, storing and analyzing tasks:

  • Managing contact information from large groups of clients or consumers
  • Running reports, especially if the same information is needed in specific increments (weekly or monthly, for example)
  • Keeping track of multiple pieces of data about the same person; for example, a salon might want to track a client's favorite stylist, hair color, preferred products, contact information and scheduled appointments
  • Creating an easily searchable system for sharing information with colleagues and coworkers

Making the most of this software is easy; it just requires a bit of MS Access training.

Training makes software more accessible

When looking for Microsoft Access courses, one is likely to find a wide variety of options. Vendor tutorials and certification are both possible routes, but private consulting groups also offer courses. Online courses offered by both colleges and computing groups and even continuing education classes are all training options, too.

When selecting Access training, it's important to consider prerequisite skills. According to a syllabus from an MS Access course taught by Richard Holowczak at Zicklin School of Business--Baruch College at the City University of New York, students are expected to bring the following skills into the classroom:

  • Basic familiarity using a Windows operating system
  • Formatting, working with and transferring files with external file-saving devices
  • Running programs from the Start menu
  • Minimizing, maximizing and resizing windows

Holowczak notes in his guide that his intended audience is students just getting started using the software. More seasoned or experienced users might benefit from vendor training, which can ultimately result in certification.

The official credential

Microsoft offers a single certification exam for Access (as opposed to both standard and expert exams for Word and Excel), yielding the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) title to successful test-takers. The 90-minute exam, taken without access (no pun intended) to the software help menu, is administered at various Certiport locations.

According to MS Access training information from the vendor, performance-based endorsements like Microsoft Office Specialist certification can validate skills and increase productivity on the job. This certification is open to all users of Microsoft Office products and can be beneficial to casual users and information professionals alike.

The vendor asserts the value of certification can be backed up with research, as a Microsoft study recently found that "certified individuals have increased competence, productivity, and credibility with their employers, co-workers and clients." Employers also value workers who earn vendor certifications, as it can help reduce the organization's training costs and up efficiency.

Users of all skill levels are likely to find appropriate MS Access training to help them make the most of this valuable software.

Microsoft Access Training Courses
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