IBM Tivoli Certification Training

IBM Tivoli certification is designed for IT professionals working with IBM Tivoli Management Framework. This systems management platform is used to manage IT infrastructure, including remote devices; functionality spans identity, provisioning and storage solutions. IBM’s Professional Certification Program offers a fleet of credentials covering IBM Tivoli administration and solution development.

IBM Tivoli training and certification

IBM Tivoli certification validates an IT professional’s Tivoli software training and expertise. A powerful tool for administrators and solution architects alike, IBM Tivoli encompasses functions such as enterprise-class event management, system automation and workload scheduling, network security, and software configuration. IBM Tivoli Netcool offers real-time service and operations management for data centers, network operations centers, IT domains and large networks.

IBM Tivoli training and certification covers the skills needed to deploy, administer, develop and apply the software’s diverse functions. The certification is suitable for career levels ranging from administrator to solution architect. IT professionals who use Tivoli may seek certification in specific areas of the software or specialized professional roles and levels of expertise.

IBM Tivoli certifications include these:

  • IBM Certified Administrator
  • IBM Certified Advanced Deployment Professional
  • IBM Certified Application Developer
  • IBM Certified Associate
  • IBM Certified Deployment Professional
  • IBM Certified Solution Advisor
  • IBM Certified Solution Designer

Within each of these categories, IT professionals may choose a specific function or application of the software. For example, IBM Certified Administrator offers certification in Tivoli Monitoring, Storage Manager, Workload Scheduler or the TRIRIGA Application Platform.

The lowdown on the IBM Tivoli exam

If you have had the opportunity to work with IBM Tivoli at your job, you may be ready to sharpen your expertise with training and certification. IBM stresses the importance of building real-world experience with IBM Tivoli software before seeking formal training for the exam. IBM Tivoli training courses generally take place over four or five days, and include lecture, demonstration and lab practice.

The IBM Tivoli certification exam tests your understanding of and practical skill using the software. The number and type of questions vary based on the exam, but generally speaking the questions detail administrative problems to solve or instructions to implement. Exams take an hour to 105 minutes to complete, depending on the certification area. For example, IBM Tivoli Identity Manager includes 79 questions over 105 minutes. You can find Tivoli certification test information and sample test questions on the IBM Professional Certification Program website.

Career benefits for IBM Tivoli-certified IT professionals

IT careers that favor IBM Tivoli expertise include systems management, remote networking and security roles. Sample job titles for those with Tivoli credentials could include:

  • Directory integrator
  • Identity manager
  • Systems analyst
  • Security architect
  • Systems integrator
  • Virtualization deployment engineer

Employers may specifically request IBM Tivoli certification. For example, a recent Internet search turned up a diverse selection of businesses with Tivoli requirements, including a business solutions firm, a health care organization and several others.

IBM Tivoli training and certification demonstrates your proficiency with this complex and powerful software suite. With dozens of certifications to choose from, you can make sure you receive the recognition you deserve for your Tivoli expertise.

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