IBM Cognos Certification Training

Business intelligence products help companies determine the effectiveness of their market activities, and the Cognos solutions offered by IBM certifications are a popular choice. IBM Business Analytics certifications show that IT professionals have the initiative it takes to learn specific areas or aspects of these beneficial business tools.

Cognos certifications

IBM offers Cognos/SPSS certification for a variety of IT job classes. Systems admins can become certified to administrate platforms 8 and 10 of the Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) series. Designers can earn certification to build, manage, enhance, and customize professional reports using Cognos 8 or 10 BI, using relational data models and an XML framework.

Developers have several areas of study among IBM Business Analytics certifications, both of which are available in Cognos BI platforms 8 and 10:

  • Data warehouses – maintain data marts specific to certain subject areas and work with large banks of information to move, merge, and change data from a range of sources
  • Metadata models – gather and present metadata using SQL and industry standard data structures, modeling it toward the goal of stable and predictable analysis results
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP) models – design and build multi-dimensional data arrays for analysis and manipulation from multiple perspectives
  • Scorecards – set up and maintain scorecarding applications that check an organization’s business intelligence and data warehouse utilities against best practice

Cognos Solution Expert certifications

More advanced candidates can take on the IBM Solution Expert certification, which combines many elements of the above credentials into a comprehensive evaluation of one’s proficiency with the Cognos 8 BI platform. Solution experts are charged with the tasks of analyzing, planning, designing, employing and operating Cognos 8 applications. Certification also exists to assist individuals proficient in Cognos Series 7 with the migration of data to Cognos 8 BI.

SPSS certifications

Cognos also offers financial performance management solutions, and IBM Business Analytics certification can be earned in Cognos TM1, Planning Analyst and Contributor, Express 9.0 Reporter and Express 9.0 Xcelerator and Advisor. A specialist certification in Cognos TM1 Data Analysis will help earners learn to massage multidimensional data in order to uncover trends and outliers and perform predictive analysis.

SPSS data mining and statistical analysis software is also covered by IBM Business Analytics certification. An SPSS Statistics Level 1 certification can best serve researchers, statisticians and analysts, while the more robust SPSS Modeler Professional credential can be most useful to academics, businesspeople, and government personnel.

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