Computer & IT Degrees: Learn about Computer & Information Technology Degrees

Computer & IT Degrees

Earning a degree can give a tech professional a solid footing to enter a technical field or change jobs within the industry. Here, learn more about the skills and information covered in degree programs that vary from entry level programs to advanced degrees.

Animation Degrees

When an individual's passion for the arts and technology comes together, it can lead to a solid career in animation. First, however, an animation degree or training is often required. Learn more about animation education options here.

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Computer Engineering Degrees

Computer systems engineering plays a critical role in today's digital economy. Train for a career in this high-growth technical design field with a computer engineering degree.

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Computer Forensics Degrees

Find out what it takes to get a computer forensics degree and what careers those with the right training are qualified to pursue.

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Computer Programming Degrees & Classes

A programming degree opens doors to careers in web development, information security, business intelligence and other high-demand fields. Learn how computer programming training can bolster one's chances at career advancement.

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Computer Science Degrees

A computer science degree is often the first step technology pros take to begin careers in information technology. Here's a look at typical courses, popular jobs for grads and the prospects for studying computer science online.

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E-commerce Degrees

Looking for the right blend of business and technology? Consider e-commerce degree programs. The e-business industry offers attractive career opportunities for tech-savvy, driven individuals with a knack for business.

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Graphic Design Degrees

Learn more about graphic design degree programs, including the typical coursework, career options upon graduation and the potential for completing online graphic design training.

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Game Development Degrees

What's involved in computer game programming and development? Exciting career opportunities for those with a artistic and technical expertise.

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Information Security Degrees

From bachelor's to MBA programs, degrees that combine general computer science with information security training can put graduates on the front lines against hackers, snoops and cyber-crooks. Learn more about information security degree programs here.

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Information Systems Degrees

Self-taught IT pros still exist, but increasingly, careers in IT departments across the country begin after earning a degree like the information systems degree. Here, learn the subjects and skilled covered in information systems degree programs.

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Information Technology (IT) Degrees

Find out what it takes to get an IT degree, and learn more about the career possibilities IT professionals can pursue, which require them to use their in-depth training to support complex systems.

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Management Information Systems Degrees

A guide to management information systems degrees, including important career and training information. Find out what coursework to expect if you enroll in a MIS degree program and learn about popular MIS careers.

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Multimedia Degrees

Do you enjoy using technology to create art? Then a career in multimedia design might be right for you. Learn about the job outlook & the different possibilities to specialize within the multimedia design degree program.

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Software Engineering Degrees

An overview of software engineering degrees and careers, including popular jobs, common courses and the potential for online training.

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Web Development Degrees

A guide to Web development training discussing education requirements, common classes, popular careers and online degrees.

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  • Most popular programs in computer and information sciences and support services, 2020
    • CS - Computer science
    • I S/S - Information Science/Studies
    • IT - Information Technology
    • ISS - Information Systems Security
Source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) 2018-19, National Center for Education Statistics,