Quark Training Courses

Quark's design and publishing software products are used across a gamut of industries for creating and publishing materials on the Web, tablets and other digital media. Quark training offers professionals a way to digitally publish their material without requiring knowledge of coding or programming.

Quark courses can bring these professionals up to speed on the company's digital publishing solutions and platforms. The Quark website describes dynamic publishing tools that combine the power of XML with flexible layout and design to automate the delivery of customized communications across print, the Internet and digital media. For example, Quark App Studio allows users to design and publish iPad apps.

What do Quark courses cover?

Quark training provides instruction on the basic and advanced functionality of various products and a range of topics. For example, the QuarkEd course contains modules that cater to students of all ability levels, including these subjects:

  • Layout construction
  • Text and typography
  • Page elements
  • Color management
  • Interactive layouts

A number of different training platforms are available on the company website, including free video tutorials, on-demand e-seminars, step-by-step guides, community forums and live events, such as the "App Bootcamp." A free 30-day test drive with QuarkXPress offers students a hands-on introduction to the software's features and functionality. In addition, a number of third-party vendors offer instructor-led courses in Quark products as well.

Who can benefit from Quark training?

These products can be used anywhere from the nonprofit sector to government agencies to financial services or marketing communications. As just one example, Quark's specialized Electronic Common Technical Document or eCTD format is designed for pharmaceutical companies.

Quark courses can benefit professionals whose jobs require them to design and publish materials digitally. Because these products don't involve technical coding or programming expertise, individuals who are less tech-savvy or just getting started with digital publishing can take advantage of this software to enhance their work.

Professionals curious about best practices for digital publishing and leading-edge marketing or advertising techniques would also be candidates for training. Expertise in Quark products may be required by some employers in the graphic design or media and publishing fields.

Quark Training Courses
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