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Keeping up with the latest  news about computer training and IT certifications is a must for professionals in the tech field. However, it can be quite daunting alongside a demanding job. Here, we write about some of the "hot topics" in the field and offer you an in-depth analysis of the subject in hand. Read on to find out the top topics of the week.

5 Ways Working on Your Phone Could Jeopardize Your Whole Company
July 15, 2015

Part of what BYOD entails is losing complete control over what technology people are using on the office network. The following five are some of the toughest issues for IT departments to deal with when it comes to BYOD.

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Beware of these 5 kinds of mobile app fraud
April 18, 2012

With U.S. senators worried about Smurfberries, mobile application fraud is in the spotlight. Find out about the traps behind free apps, and the shady characters who empty virtual wallets, a dollar at a time.

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6 ways smartphones are changing IT careers
March 9, 2012

While the computer industry has offered some of the strongest careers around, the rise in smartphone use could affect hiring trends for engineers and developers. Find out what IT pros are saying about the evolving tech job market.

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8 Unique Tech Job Titles and How to Make Sense of Them
April 30, 2014

Curious to learn about tech jobs with unique titles and their educational qualifications? Here are some of the most popular.

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8 unexpected uses for your iPad
April 12, 2012

The uses of your iPad go way beyond slinging virtual birds at virtual pigs and watching reruns on Hulu. Find other ways to impress your friends with apps that make your non-digital world come to life.

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The $100K club: Which certs could get you in?
June 22, 2011

Certifications are one of the best ways to determine an individual's skill in an IT specialty. Take a look at certs that Global Knowledge says can bring in six figures per year.

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