Multimedia & Design Training Courses

GoCertify reports that as of May 2011, there were over 400 technical certifications across the information systems industry, including certifications in multimedia and design. With quality training, workers with varying degrees of experience can study for a number of these important certifications and resume boosters.

What does one learn in multimedia and design training?

Training in multimedia and design helps professionals and novices alike gain a higher level of understanding about a particular technical tool, product, or vendor's line of products. Training offers its own rewards, but it can also prepare individuals to sit for certification that may be preferred or required by hiring managers.

The main purpose of multimedia and design courses, in the hiring or promotion manager's mind, is to save time and money on hours of in-house training. Because of this, training can mean getting one's resume noticed and boosting the chances of getting an interview.

Who is best suited to train in multimedia and design?

All personality types can excel in multimedia and design training. In online training programs, for example, self-motivated students and independent learners may take the opportunity to work well on their own - and creative minds with a strong technical interest may thrive in any type of program.

Those training in design and multimedia can choose to focus more on technical aspects or artistic design within their training. For example, training in AutoCAD allows individuals to gain a focused technical view of an advanced drafting tool, while training in Adobe Illustrator could focus more on the tools students use to advance their own artistic visions.

Which hiring managers look for specialized design training?

Career goals vary by certification level and topic. Consider the following CareerBuilder job listings requesting applicants have familiarity with the Adobe line of products:

  • AutoCAD/Adobe Specialist - OH - Cincinnati
  • Flash Developer - Web Developer - MD - Silver Spring
  • Marketing Assistant - NV - Las Vegas
  • Adobe LiveCycle Architect - NJ - Jersey City
  • Adobe Acrobat X Pro/Expert - NY - New York

Careers calling for graphic designers, Web designers, AutoCAD drafters and animators may include technical training and certification as part of their recommended or required skills for applicants.

Which certification exams can students prepare for with multimedia and design training?

Completing a training course in multimedia and design can give students the skills they need to sit for official certification exams. Take a look at Adobe's popular lineup of certifications by way of example:

  1. Adobe Certified Associate (ACA): This end-user certification offers proof of basic knowledge in Dreamweaver, Flash or Photoshop. ($65)
  2. Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) - Single Product: In this basic certification, prove mastery in one of Adobe's product line, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Captivate and more. ($150)
  3. Adobe Certified Expert - Specialist (ACE Specialist): Pass three exams within a chosen track. Exams include Photoshop, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator and Acrobat, among others. ($450)
  4. Adobe Certified Expert - Master (ACE Master): Choose a track--Design, Web or Video--and pass four to five exams within that track to gain this advanced certification. ($600)
  5. Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI): Applicants for the exam must have teaching credentials, having passed the CompTIA CTT+ or its equivalent. (Initial: $0, Recertification: $50)

Exam costs may vary and are current as of May 2011, according to GoCertify. While no training program can guarantee passing a certification exam, high-quality training offers invaluable support and targeted instruction on information that is likely to be covered.

Which subjects does training cover?

Multimedia and design training classes cover subjects such as:

  • Adobe Photoshop: This popular photo editing program is used in advertising, business and more
  • Adobe InDesign: Simplify desktop publishing in print or digital mediums
  • Adobe Illustrator: Create distinctive artwork for a range of products
  • Adobe Acrobat: Create and edit PDF files, a communication standard within business
  • AutoCAD: Design and documentation software for 2D and 3D graphics
  • Autodesk: The producers of AutoCAD's full line of design and engineering software, used commonly in architecture firms
  • Quark: Page layout software for publishing and design professionals
  • Corel: Graphic design, video editing and photo editing software
  • Multimedia Design: A broad category of design including text, audio, still images, video and interactive media
  • Graphic Design: A broad category of design including Web design, publications, software and anything requiring visual communication
  • Animation: A broad category of design encompassing 2D or 3D moving images

When it comes to the multimedia and design job market, combining creativity with credentials is one way to a winning portfolio.

Multimedia & Design Training Courses
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