Microsoft SQL Server Training Courses

Technology professionals rely on information management software to help make computers effective tools for businesses and organizations. Microsoft SQL Server is designed for doing just that: finding enterprise data solutions for organizations of all types.

Techs and administrators both praise Microsoft SQL Server for its diverse functionality. Infoworld named version 2008 "the best SQL Server yet," noting that the database solution boasts features that, when compared with other servers, show extended performance and manageability options.

TechTarget adds that Microsoft SQL Server uses programming extensions that reach beyond typical Transact-SQL operations, "including transaction control, exception and error handling, row processing, and declared variables." Additionally, the Microsoft product is known for its tractability, widespread value among both small and large enterprises, and its heightened database security applications. IT pros are likely to find that SQL Server makes it easier to create and deploy new databases than other information management tools, which means fewer headaches and less hassle for everyone involved.

Take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server with the right training

Just as with any other information technology platform, users need to understand the ins and outs of a program to take complete advantage of the technology's functions in relationship to their organization. Microsoft SQL Server training helps IT pros gain the expertise needed to increase the value of this platform and its applications to enterprises across the board.

The end result of many Microsoft SQL Server courses is vendor certification. According to training information from Microsoft, there are three distinct levels of certification for professionals who wish to showcase their skills with this platform:

Several MCTS certs are available for different job roles or expertise in different areas of working with SQL Server, from implementation and maintenance to database development. Professionals who earn the MCITP certification typically have two to three years of SQL Server experience including at least one MCTS credential; available certs include Database Administrator, Database Developer and Business Intelligence Developer.

IT professionals with the most extensive technical expertise in Microsoft SQL Server can pursue the MCM certification by passing knowledge and lab exams. Similarly, Microsoft Certified Master credential holders with exceptional experience designing and delivering IT solutions for enterprise customers can earn Microsoft Certified Architect status.

Who is best suited for Microsoft SQL Server training?

The software giant offers a handful of different Microsoft SQL Server training options, relevant to applications in several different IT career paths:

Other professionals likely to benefit from Microsoft Server SQL training include data storage managers, database analysts, database designers, systems architects, business systems and applications analysts and software engineers.

With such wide application, many IT pros are likely to be able to help their organizations achieve maximum efficiency with the right kind of training.

Microsoft SQL Server Training Courses
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