Microsoft PowerPoint Training Courses

Microsoft PowerPoint training can give professionals in almost any field the skills needed to create presentations that convey messages with pizzazz.

PowerPoint, a presentation building software, has become an industry standard for assembling slide-based visual demonstrations and sharing information. The software's uses are wide-ranging: Educators and students rely on it for classroom demonstrations, human resources professionals rely on it to help with staff training, and companies and even government groups use it to brief employees on important matters. All it takes to make the most out of this powerful presentation tool is a little PowerPoint training, which can teach users how to effectively use the medium to relay information.

Basics of Microsoft PowerPoint courses

Those looking for PowerPoint training will likely find many options, ranging from traditional college courses to online seminars to continuing education classes. Today's professional can learn the ins and outs of PowerPoint from a multitude of sources: books, Web-based tutorials, CD/DVDs, or training courses from a brick-and-mortar school or online institution. Online classes provide a flexible option, as many Web-based PowerPoint courses allow students to work at their own pace--something that can be a lifesaver for anyone trying to manage a career or family while learning a new skill.

Though training can vary, most students should walk away from a PowerPoint training course with the following knowledge:

  • How to format text on slides
  • How to create and add graphics and animations to slides
  • How to embed multimedia into presentations
  • How to modify objects on slides
  • How to prepare for and deliver an effective presentation

Students should also learn to select the kind of information that is best relayed through a presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint certifications

The vendor, Microsoft, offers a specialist certification covering PowerPoint and other tools in the Microsoft Office suite. Certification could boost career skills by demonstrating that a professional has a valid and comprehensive understanding of the software. The Microsoft Office Specialist or MOS certification can be obtained by taking a single test over a specific application, according to information from the vendor.

Whatever training method or certification path chosen, students will likely find it helps to be a visual thinker and have some basic understanding in the way the human brain processes and understands information, as these can be useful in developing vibrant and attention-grabbing presentations.

The job market and MS PowerPoint training

Certification and prior training can help hiring managers make decisions about candidate placement, because well-qualified contenders could help keep ongoing training costs low. A quick search of Dice.com, a Web-based job board for information technology professionals, found nearly 4,300 openings nationwide for individuals with PowerPoint training, ranging from sales consultants to specialized PowerPoint experts to information managers.

As one example, sales engineers and technical sales managers need to be able to create and deliver technical presentations that explain products or services to customers. IT project managers provide project status reports that could be delivered to stakeholders using presentation software. MS PowerPoint courses can make a difference for job-seekers in many industries.

Microsoft PowerPoint Training Courses
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