Microsoft BizTalk Server Training Courses

Microsoft BizTalk Server training helps IT staff understand and use this platform to accomplish various integration and connectivity tasks for their enterprise.

How Microsoft BizTalk Server training can help your enterprise

According to information from vendor Microsoft, BizTalk Server enables organizations to connect incongruent systems with access to a variety of adapters, to allow connectivity both inside and outside of an organization. Additionally, BizTalk Server provides:

  • Strong durable messaging
  • Rules engine
  • EDI connectivity
  • Business Activity Monitoring, or BAM
  • RFID capabilities
  • IBM host/mainframe connectivity

BizTalk Server training can help enterprises of all kinds make the most of the platform's numerous features. Microsoft asserts that BizTalk Server training helps IT staff undertake organizations' business tasks like payment processing, multi-channel interactions, supply chain visibility and near real-time decision-support/reporting.

Microsoft BizTalk Server courses and certifications

BizTalk Server training options range from traditional college courses to online seminars to continuing education classes. Microsoft offers two vendor-accredited learning paths: classroom training and eLearning, which provides a flexible option. Online classes allow students to work at their own pace, which can give working IT professionals the extra flexibility needed while learning a new skill.

Those interested in a BizTalk Server training course that results in certification can benefit from earning the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, or MCTS, endorsement. While certification is generally reserved for IT professionals and developers, it demonstrates proficiency in implementing, building, troubleshooting and debugging the BizTalk Server platform. Professionals with the MCTS accreditation can then go to earn more advanced certifications, including the Microsoft Certified IT Professional, or MCITP, designation.

Having a few ingrained traits can help professionals succeed in this kind of career training. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills can come in handy during technical training such as BizTalk Server courses.

Job Outlook for those with BizTalk training

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment of information technology professionals to steadily increase over the next decade, especially as computers become more pivotal in business environments. A quick search of Dice.com, an IT job search resource, showed more than 400 openings across the country for professionals with BizTalk Server training. Though available positions ranged from consultants to architects to developers, many employers preferred candidates with skills such as implementing and deploying the BizTalk platform.

Microsoft BizTalk Server Training Courses
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