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The Internet has changed a lot over the past 15 years. Back then, when Web-based tools and programming languages were emerging, almost anyone with a knack for coding could easily find work as a Web developer or programmer. Today, the game has changed and those with proven skills are the best candidates for jobs designing, developing and maintaining websites and tools for organizations in all sectors. JavaScript training is a simple way for developers and programmers to set themselves apart from the masses and make themselves stand out as qualified technology candidates.

What is JavaScript and why is it important to developers?

According to information from TechTarget, JavaScript is "an interpreted programming or script language." It can be compared to Microsoft's Visual Basic and Unix-based Perl. Generally speaking, these languages are easier to code than C and C++ and can be very useful for writing shorter programs.

Specifically, JavaScript is best known to Web developers, programmers and designers because it gives them ability to do things like:

  • Enhance HTML tags
  • Animate elements on a Web page
  • Load changing information at a set interval without any user interaction--for example, updating headlines such as sports scores or stock tickers
  • Fix layout issues in CSS or HTML

TechTarget also notes that developers make sure that JavaScript is run at an active server page before pages are sent to a requestor, which can help customize user content before it is displayed in a browser or client.

With so many diverse applications, it's easy to see why JavaScript training can be an asset for anyone seeking a career as a web developer or programmer.

Who can benefit most from JavaScript courses?

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that Web designers and developers with JavaScript training can fill a wide variety of roles and can be:

  • Computer and web programmers
  • Desktop publishers and Web publication designers
  • Web authors
  • Computer scientists and database administrators, including Web designers, Web developers and Webmasters

The BLS has projected faster-than-average growth in almost all of these competitive fields. Relevant computer skills, including those obtained through JavaScript courses, can be what it takes to break into or advance a career in any of these evolving sectors.

Those seeking to learn JavaScript will likely find many training options, including everything from online self-guided tutorials to formal JavaScript courses offered by computer training schools.

JavaScript Training Courses
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