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Looking for a hot tech career? ColdFusion computer training could get you there.

Adobe's ColdFusion, a dynamic development system that supports the creation of application servers and other software products, is known among coders and employers alike for its unique scripting language. ColdFusion Markup Language, or CFML, is similar to the widely used HTML. ColdFusion also integrates with other scripting languages, including ActionScript and Flash, which makes it a software platform with diverse applications. While ColdFusion has a number of uses among developers, it is commonly found in applications such as data-based websites and intranets.

How ColdFusion courses can shape a career

Tech expert Raymond Camden has been working with ColdFusion for more than a decade and has been Adobe certified since 1997. He began his development career building websites with ColdFusion and now works with Adobe as a developer evangelist, focusing on jQuery, Flex, AIR and the mobile space. Additionally, Camden blogs at ColdFusionJedi.com.

"For me, ColdFusion has been very effective and very powerful," Camden wrote in an email. "ColdFusion has always had a strong slant towards being practical, i.e., making hard things easy."

Camden recommends that aspiring developers seek out ColdFusion training for those reasons, and because its CFML language is simple to learn.

"I find ColdFusion's focus on practicality to be a huge productivity gain. It has a tag-based language that makes it much easier for non-developers to pick up on," he said. "For people with more traditional backgrounds, you can make use of scripting and all your normal programming techniques to build out powerful applications."

Who can benefit from ColdFusion training?

The diverse applications of this platform can make it useful for both Web developers and application developers. Here are some other IT professionals that could benefit from ColdFusion courses:

  • Computer systems analysts can communicate more effectively with developers who code using CFML.
  • Computer programmers are likely to find more opportunities when they expand their knowledge base, and familiarity with CFML and ColdFusion applications might create more room for career advancement.
  • Web designers can create sites with practical applications when they understand the limitations and functions of ColdFusion.

As with training for other programming platforms and markup languages, ColdFusion courses are usually most valuable to detail-oriented individuals who already possess some expertise with computers and software applications.

ColdFusion courses and certifications

ColdFusion courses offer many options. The vendor, Adobe, supports both online and instructor-led training programs. Location-based, instructor-led courses offer in-person, hands-on learning, while Web-based seminars allow learners to work at their own pace and conquer skills on their own time.

Entry-level courses usually cover what it takes to start building dynamic Web applications, while advanced-level courses might cover using the ColdFusion application servers on Microsoft Windows platforms, object-relational mapping or ORM, enterprise code maintenance, and advanced scalability/caching techniques.

ColdFusion training can also result in vendor certification. Adobe offers its Adobe Certified Expert endorsement for developers in ColdFusion, which requires candidates to pass one exam about the platform.

With so many functions and practical abilities, as described by Camden above, ColdFusion training could be a wise investment.

ColdFusion Training Courses
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