Agile Training Courses & Certifications

Agile Training Courses

Agile Software Development is a model for building applications using fluid and efficient software design, incorporating teamwork and methods such as Extreme Programming, or XP. Examples of Agile training classes include Agile Project Management and Scrum Developer Workshop.

What skills can be learned through Agile training?

Agile courses can teach students about skills that are central to this methodology, according to the Agile manifesto:

  • Satisfy customers by delivering valuable software early and continuously
  • Harness changing development requirements to fuel competitive advantage
  • Engage in daily communication between developers and businesspeople
  • Build projects around driven individuals and trust them to do the job right
  • Deliver working software often, with emphasis on shorter time scales

Apart from the core guidelines of this methodology, students in Agile courses learn specific areas of the system and how to apply them. Software training firms offer subjects such as test-driven development and Agile for product owners or executives.

One might say that Agile training provides its students with metaskills, in that this method is designed to improve the efficiency of concrete skills such as programming and planning. Agile courses won't teach how to code, but they can teach students how to use their coding skills for more efficient development.

Who is best suited to Agile training?

Since Agile courses provide advanced training in software lifecycle methodology, students are encouraged to have some background in programming and development. Established software professionals looking to add value to their CV are prospective candidates, as well as recent college graduates, especially those who focused on computer science or engineering in school. Executives who supervise technical departments, such as CTOs and CIOs, can stay on top of their game with Agile training.

What Agile certifications are available?

Agile courses could help prepare candidates for technical certifications such as ScrumMaster Certification or Project Management Institute Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP). Certifications can lead to higher overall value as an employee, and credentials from Agile courses are no exception.

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