Texas Computer Training Schools

Professionals with an education from computer schools in Texas can choose from several locations within the state to begin their career search. Dallas County, for example, contains more than 1,600 IT industry establishments, and Austin attracts so many IT jobs that it has been called the Silicon Hills.

Texas computer training can be found in many forms, including the following:

  • Traditional colleges or universities like the University of Texas - Austin, Texas Tech University in Lubbock, or one of the four campuses in the University of Houston system
  • On-campus career-focused institutions, such as Remington College, DeVry or ITT Tech
  • Online Texas computer schools that make use of the virtual classroom environment
  • Texas computer training and certification centers like TechSkills in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston or San Antonio

The state's population is growing rapidly, as shown by the 2010 U.S. Census, and employment opportunities increased in 2011, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Texas tech jobs: employment, salary and job outlook

Professionals who have completed computer classes in Texas can expect to join the 263,130 IT workers that the BLS counted in the state in 2010. The BLS reports that computer and mathematical occupations make up nearly 3 percent of the overall workforce in the Lone Star State.

One hot company for graduates of computer schools in Texas is the hardware and PC giant Dell, headquartered north of Austin. Texas also provides a bevy of opportunities for specialists in communications. The Telecom Corridor near Richardson, Texas, is home to business campuses of such telecommunications giants as AT&T, Ericsson, Cisco, Samsung Mobile and Verizon Business Communications.

Whether you want to train to be a computer programmer, software developer, systems analyst, database administrator or one of the many other IT careers, computer classes in Texas can help you prepare.

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