Software Development Training Courses

What can be learned in software development courses?

Software development takes more than just memorizing commands and syntax. During a comprehensive program of software development training, students gain perspective on the entire software lifecycle, learn methods to create effective algorithms and study best practices such as version control, debugging, unit testing and profiling.

The specific details of software development training programs can vary based on the type of software the student is learning to develop. Applications software development courses may focus on issues of cross-platform compatibility and Web deployment, while systems software training might contain material about assembly language and enterprise networking protocols.

Who is best suited for software development courses?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job opportunities for computer software engineers are expected to increase by 32 percent in the coming years, bringing nearly 300,000 new jobs to the IT market by 2018. Software development courses can help set any technically inclined individual on the right track to one of these emerging careers.

The best candidates for software development training are usually detail-oriented people with strong problem-solving skills. A tendency toward analytical thinking and the capacity for concentration on multiple simultaneous tasks can also be significant advantages.

In the workplace, the ability to communicate effectively with fellow IT workers as well as nontechnical staff personnel can help professionals use their software development training to its fullest potential.

Is there a difference between formal and informal software development training?

Most software development training programs take place in a traditional university environment, although there are programs available in the virtual classroom for students without enough time to commit to a full-time campus education. The vast and detailed nature of the software development profession, as well as the educational requirements of many development jobs, makes this sort of formal coursework a generally better option than a more casual form of study.

What certifications are available after completing software development training?

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is one of several organizations that can provide certification to software development professionals. Many universities also provide students with the opportunity to earn specialized certificates while completing their general software development courses.

Software powerhouse Microsoft also offers certification programs for software developers, and the 2011 IT Skills and Salary Survey produced by certification and training resource GlobalKnowledge.com shows that these credentials can add value to an IT career. Here are two Microsoft certifications and their reported mean annual salary figures in 2011:

  1. Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) - $86,225
  2. Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) - $86,213

Each of these credentials can be earned after just two years in a software development field, and employers who use Microsoft products may require qualified applicants to have earned one or more vendor certifications before considering them for employment.

Software Development Training Courses
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