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8 Unique Tech Job Titles and How to Make Sense of Them

Curious to learn about tech jobs with unique titles and their educational qualifications? Here are some of the most popular.

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4 in 5 firms lack essential IT skills

IT workers lack crucial skills at four out of five U.S. businesses surveyed by CompTIA. These major gaps in training impact corporate productivity, profitability and security.

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5 IT nightmares about BYOD

Is it your job to explain to the CEO that her iPad won't work with the corporate mail server? Today's "bring your own device" trend forces IT managers to balance demands for easy access and productivity with security and compliance.

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Beware of these 5 kinds of mobile app fraud

With U.S. senators worried about Smurfberries, mobile application fraud is in the spotlight. Find out about the traps behind free apps, and the shady characters who empty virtual wallets, a dollar at a time.

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Best Tech Cities to Call Home

In this exclusive, we drew data from a wide array of sources and compiled a list of the 30 best cities for someone in tech and aspiring tech workers to call home.

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Shared Assessments' New Cert: Why Enterprise Risk Management Matters

Shared Assessments has created a new enterprise risk management certification aimed at boosting the ability to protect digital supply chains.

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The 30 Best Computer Science Schools

To help future tech pros find the best program for them, ComputerTrainingSchools.com created a list of the 30 best computer science schools in the U.S.

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8 IT Certifications for Career Changers in 2015

If you're considering a career change within the IT industry, the following information can help you narrow down which certifications are associated with the functional area you wish to join.

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