Oracle PeopleSoft Certification Training

When Oracle absorbed PeopleSoft in 2005, some industry observers worried that the merger would drive longtime PeopleSoft customers to other enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors. Instead, the launch of a new PeopleSoft platform helped extend the brand's customer base. As Oracle rolls out even more extensions to the PeopleSoft brand under the Fusion Applications banner, the company's clients seek ERP professionals with proven deployment and maintenance experience.

The Oracle Certification Program offers six broad learning paths for IT professionals, along with four distinct certifications:

  • PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 Financial Management, General Ledger Consultant Certified Expert
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise 9 Human Capital Management, Human Resources Consultant Certified Expert
  • PeopleTools 8 Developer Certified Expert
  • PeopleTools 8 Advanced Developer Certified Expert

During PeopleSoft certification, professionals learn how to develop and maintain complex enterprise resource planning tools. However, PeopleSoft training also includes exposure to the best practices that serve as a foundation for tools the software developer delivers. In addition to learning about tools and technology, students can specialize in customer relationship management, financial protocols, supply chain management, and human resources strategies.

Careers for professionals with PeopleSoft training

According to industry journal IT World, competition has tightened between Oracle and SAP, leaving PeopleSoft as a second strong brand in Oracle's fight to maximize its share of the ERP market.

ERP systems can take years to architect, test, and implement, followed by many more years of carefully managed maintenance. Although some of the world's largest employers use in-house teams to manage their PeopleSoft deployments, many more companies turn to teams of consultants to handle specialized tasks. Some of the most successful PeopleSoft programmers, project managers, and consultants blend specialized subject knowledge with the technical skills developed during Oracle PeopleSoft training courses.

Whether working in-house or through a consulting firm, PeopleSoft specialists often work on projects that require tracking millions or even billions of data points. Shippers, manufacturers, and retailers rely on PeopleSoft to track their supply chains. Brokerages, banks, and investment firms leverage the platform's financial management capabilities. Companies with thousands of employees customize PeopleSoft's relationship management tools for human resources functions like payroll, benefits and time tracking.

With lines blurring between PeopleSoft and Oracle's primary line of database products, many salary surveys fail to make specific distinctions between the two brands. However, research conducted by Global Knowledge Training LLC and by Foote Partners estimates that many ERP database professionals with PeopleSoft certification earn more than $85,000 per year. Oracle's own salary survey of professionals with PeopleSoft Enterprise certification found many employers willing to pay annual salaries of six figures to secure talented team members.

PeopleSoft certification requirements

Oracle PeopleSoft training can include combinations of self-study, online coursework, classroom collaboration, and on-the-job experience leading up to formal examinations conducted at independent testing centers. Graduates of IT degree programs with strong database concentrations can usually qualify for basic PeopleSoft certification with just a few targeted courses.

Likewise, professionals with strong backgrounds in finance, supply chain management, or human resources can use PeopleSoft training courses to develop the technical knowledge to turn policies and best practices into functional code. Because companies don't always upgrade their systems on the same timelines, earning certifications on multiple versions of PeopleSoft's platform can offer job seekers maximum flexibility.

According to Oracle, passing a certification exam often means earning a salary premium of 10 percent or more over the compensation packages of uncertified consultants, making PeopleSoft training a worthwhile investment for many IT professionals.

Oracle PeopleSoft Certification Training
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