Oracle Certifications Training

Not many companies can claim that their products have been - or are currently being used by - all 100 of the Fortune 100 companies, but Oracle can. Business hardware and software solutions provided by Oracle cover a broad range of industries and disciplines, and now the company also produces Sun server products. With its acquisition of Sun, Oracle is able to offer a stack of fully integrated technology to business clients.

Oracle Certification Training

Options for the first level of Oracle certification, the OCA, include paths for database administrators and developers. Oracle Certified Associate exams cover Oracle and MySQL databases, the Java programming language, Linux system administration, and more.

Oracle DBA Certification Training

Oracle's certifications like the DBA indicate that IT professionals have mastered its popular, powerful relational database systems, opening new paths to employment opportunities.

Oracle MySQL Certification Training

MySQL certification continues to grow in stature among IT hiring managers now that Oracle stands behind the popular open-source database platform. Learn more about earning this certification here.

Oracle OCP Certification Training

OCP certification helps database professionals make the leap from maintenance jobs to roles as project managers and administrators. Learn more about what it takes to earn the OCP accreditation here.

Oracle PeopleSoft Certification Training

Oracle's "other" ERP brand attracts clients and IT professionals with experience in supply chain management, financial forecasting, and human resources. Four certifications are available to help boost the careers of IT pros.

Oracle PL/SQL Certification Training

Oracle PL/SQL certification could prepare you for IT endeavors in database architecture, application development, developer and system analytics, and more. Oracle describes Procedural Language/Structured Query Language as a tool designed to process SQL commands seamlessly.

Oracle SQL Certification Training

Training for Oracle SQL certification gives you control over one of the most powerful tools in database administration today. Learn more about the certification process and Oracle SQL training coursework.

Oracle Sun Solaris Certification Training

Oracle's expansion into server solutions makes the OS formerly known as Sun Solaris even more essential for companies that want bulletproof data storage and security. Find out more about earning and maintaining this certification here.

Why choose Oracle certifications?

Professionals who earn Oracle certifications can show that they have the knowledge and skills required to administrate, design, set up and maintain products that belong to one of the manufacturer's domains. Systems administrators, database professionals, server technicians, and pros in other specialized IT disciplines stand to benefit from these credentials, which can fill out their skill sets while helping make clear the advanced concepts of their chosen field.

Oracle certification levels

  • OCA - Oracle Certified Associate - Entry-level credential designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge for individuals looking to get a strong start with Oracle products.
  • OCP - Oracle Certified Professional - Intermediate certification that builds on the framework provided by basic instruction, focusing as well on fine-tuning and troubleshooting concepts.
  • OCM - Oracle Certified Master - Advanced certification that allows professionals to demonstrate exceptional proficiency with Oracle software or hardware.
  • OCE - Oracle Certified Expert - A suite of intermediate credentials that focus on specific products, including PeopleSoft, Windows SQL, Seibel and Hyperion.

Oracle database certifications

Oracle DBA (Database Administrator) certifications provide many levels of mastery to professionals who work closely with database environments. These credentials are offered at all levels, for versions 9i, 10g and 11g of Oracle database products, and bring advantages to database personnel at all stages of their careers.

Oracle WebLogic certifications

This class of credential fits into the Certified Expert level of Oracle certifications and contains three branches:

  1. Oracle WebLogic Server 10g Developer Certified Expert
  2. Oracle WebLogic Portal 10g Developer Certified Expert
  3. Oracle WebLogic Server 10g System Administrator Certified Expert

The server and portal credentials focus on the implementation of custom Web applications, custom-designed integrations and interactive portal solutions, while the system administrator branch centers on design, planning, configuration, deployment and management of applications, infrastructure and platform suite installations.

Oracle developer certifications

Oracle certifications for developers are available in Java EE and SE design and programming at the Certified Associate, Professional and Master levels. The Associate level credentials can help programmers with a basic understanding of Java syntax and structure learn how to create applications for server and desktop systems. Professional level Java certifications tend to focus on particular realms of implementation, such as JavaServer Pages for deployment on the Web, while Master level credentials provide proficient Java developers with the training necessary to create advanced designs and architectures.

Credentials for individuals who work with Structured Query Language (SQL) can also be found among Oracle certifications. Oracle MySQL certifications can be found at the Associate, Professional and Expert levels, and Oracle PL/SQL credentials can be earned at the Expert level or in a ladder format under the certification program for database administrators and programmers.

Finally, certified expert and specialist credentials are available for PeopleSoft Enterprise, with system, network and administrator certs offered for Sun Solaris.

Oracle boot camps

Busy professionals can benefit from the accelerated training schedule at Oracle boot camps that offer preparation for certification exams. Oracle credentials were listed as strong earners on the 2011 IT Skills and Salary Report by

Training courses for certification exams cover the broad range of Oracle products, including databases, middleware, applications, server and storage systems, Java technology and more. Boot camps target certifications such as Oracle Certified Associate, or OCA, and Oracle Certified Professional, or OCP, for 11g database administration. These OCA and OCP boot camps are designed for aspiring database administrators, developers and analysts.

Other boot camps target database developers specifically, for example, emphasizing Oracle Database SQL. Oracle's own Enablement 2.0 Boot Camp Program is available for Oracle Partners only. Some third-party boot camps are aimed at multiple Oracle certifications, such as an Oracle 10g OCA, OCP and SQL package.

Training centers for Oracle boot camp courses can be found in the U.S. or internationally, with packages that include meals and accommodations. To build the skillsets of enterprise admins or employees of third-party companies that sell Oracle solutions, Oracle boot camps can deliver a comprehensive training experience for IT workers on a time budget.

Oracle Certifications Training
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