Maryland Computer Training Schools

IT training centers in Maryland have a great deal to offer tech professionals. With access to job opportunities in a state with more high-tech employers than one might expect, computer schools in Maryland can provide the training individuals need to break into the growing tech industry.

Computer schools in Maryland

Individuals can earn technology educations from one of the many computer learning centers in Maryland. In doing so, these professionals will become poised to satisfy the growing technology and biotechnology needs of the state's largest employers in the health care and health systems industry. Helix Health System, John Hopkins and the University of Maryland Medical System are among the state's 10 largest employers, according to the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (MDLLR). Veteran technology professionals are well positioned to earn vendor security certifications that are sometimes required for biotechnology jobs. Maryland computer schools also offer degree programs in a variety of technology disciplines at the associate, bachelor's and master's degree levels.

The Maryland Higher Education Commission lists nearly 50 colleges and universities from which you can earn a technology degree. This includes dozens of schools in Baltimore, Frederick and Columbia.

Maryland tech jobs: Employment, salary and job outlook

The state legislature created the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO) to help strengthen the state's tech industry and financially support new technology businesses. According to the organization's 2008 annual report, Maryland's strong economy and workforce can support these new high-tech businesses. The annual average pay for high-tech jobs, per the report, is $75,000, or 60 percent more than the state's average wage.

In addition to new TEDCO-supported businesses such as Zymetis Inc. in College Park and Millennikal Media Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland is also home to Lockheed Martin, the National Security Agency and five Department of Defense installations. According to an August 2010 report from MDLLR, these government agencies should contract several thousand employees, many of them for technical positions, starting in 2011.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010 data, the 12,170 software application developers in Maryland made an average salary of $94,360. Furthermore, the 8,820 network and systems administrators employed in this state made an average $80,400 in the same year.

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