Why every software developer should know Java

Software developers have plenty of platforms to work with. Why choose Java above all the rest? Here are the top five reasons today's developer should know Java technology:

1. Java technology is everywhere

Three billion mobile phones, 1.1 billion desktops, and 100 percent of all Blu-ray players run Java. No matter the industry, the device, or the end product, Java technology has made its mark. Companies from every major industry have chosen Java as the environment of choice for delivering applications. According to the Oracle website, 97% of enterprise desktops run Java. But it's not only applications for desktops and laptops that Java technology delivers--the Java environment enables developers to create applications for tablets and servers, too.

2. Java technology is progressive

Whether you're brand new to software development or an industry veteran, Java technology offers professionals the opportunity to participate in leading-edge application development. Java enables software developers to work on the hottest trends in technology and information systems, from the latest in consumer gaming to the most critical of enterprise software needs. Learning Java now will allow software developers to be ahead of the game when it comes to developing leading-edge applications.

3. Java expertise is in demand

Java offers a comprehensive platform that has what businesses are after. It has become the global standard in application development environments. Whether a business is focused on delivering desktop applications, mobile applications, enterprise solutions or consumer games, they know they can rely on the capabilities of Java to provide quality applications. Because of this, employers need people that understand Java technology and can work within the environment to develop applications across a broad spectrum of platforms.

4. Java is here to stay

As part of the JavaOne 2010 opening keynote, Oracle's product development team outlined plans for the future of Java. One of the world's most recognized leaders in software and hardware systems, Oracle will continue to drive innovation and add value to Java technology and products. With the backing of Oracle, software and hardware technology professionals alike can be certain that developing expertise in Java technology is a smart career investment.

5. Java certifications distinguish a developer's career

When a software developer trains in Java technology, that expertise does not go unnoticed. Oracle offers numerous certification paths for those trained in Java. Software professionals that become certified possess titles in Java expertise such as Oracle Certified Associate; Oracle Certified Professional, Java Web Services Developer; or Oracle Certified Master, Java Enterprise Architect. These designations signal to employers that software developers have demonstrated a solid understanding of Java technology and are therefore desirable hires.

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