Computer programming certifications look beyond "Web 2.0"

While some computer programming experts consider the "Web 2.0" phenomenon little more than a fad, industry veterans concede that the trend toward highly interactive Web pages has changed the way they recruit coders for their companies. Enjoying little time for research and development, today's Web companies look for professionals with computer programming certifications and robust portfolios who can hit the ground running.

Web Development Training Pays Off
Though all Web development professionals learn about the building blocks of the Web, such as HTML and Web graphics, computer programming courses on interactive languages can set job candidates apart from the competition. The ability to create secure, functional Web applications using popular Web development tools appeals to recruiters from both established IT powerhouses and freshly funded startups alike.

Top Web Development Languages Demanded by Employers:
  • AJAX / JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Adobe Flash
Thanks to both significant education discounts on Web development software and inexpensive hosting services, computer programming students can easily build working models of the kinds of applications they could be hired to create for employers. In fact, many of today's fastest growing online services started out as sandbox projects for Web development professionals. Computer programming certification courses provide the specific instruction that future coders need, along with the external motivation to complete Web development assignments that make attractive work samples.

Beyond "Traditional" Web 2.0
Web development professionals aren't just working on social networking applications and online photo albums, however. Established software providers, such as CRM and online banking specialists, are adding some of Web 2.0's most useful features to their own offerings. Computer programming experts who can use their programming skills to successfully translate interfaces and functionality from one type of Web application to another stand to gain the most in the latest wave of website launches.

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