Web design professionals create "Death Cab for Cutie" videos

Popular alternative rock band Death Cab for Cutie is increasing their web presence through a series of hard-hitting movie videos created by amateur web design professionals. The streaming videos will be based on each one of the hit songs of off their new Grammy-nominated album "Plays."

The great strides we've made in technology have reached the world of rock and roll. Popular alt rock band Death Cab for Cutie has made the cyber move and has plans on releasing a series of streaming movie videos for the songs from their new album. A crack team of web design professionals have been contracted to create the videos in an effort to increase the bands online web presence. How much the new videos add to the popularity of the band remains to be seen, but their web design professionals are hopeful.

Web Design Boost for Death Cab for Cutie

  • One by One. Web design professionals will reveal the videos one at a time on the band's interactive web site.
  • Small Budgets. Bands members will not be appearing in the web videos due to a small operating budget.
  • Work of Art. Web design professionals hope the videos will interact individually and as an entire piece of work.

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An Online Web Design Degree

  • Program Length. The typical online degree in web design will take you two to three years to complete.
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  • Online Environment. There are a variety of benefits to an online web design degree that you will love. Flexibility and convenience are just a few.

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