Get 'Business-quick' with Technical Training in QuickBooks

Since its 1992 launch, Intuit's QuickBooks financial software application has become the go-to accounting solution for small businesses. Getting technical training in QuickBooks can enhance your value to your employer.

QuickBooks Concepts and Tools

Small corporations, small business owners, and sole proprietors need an intuitive, powerful accounting program to handle day-to-day business transactions. Intuit's renowned QuickBooks application is the standard application for these financial operations. QuickBooks has is easy to use and fully portable. Its features include:
  • Financial Overview. You can assess the financial position of your employer using any one of several overview features that track spending and profits.
  • Bill Paying. Sending out checks to vendors has never been simpler. Payments are printed and stored digitally, complete with reminders of upcoming bills.
  • Pro Reports. When the big bosses get together, QuickBooks provides a collection of full disclosure reports that can be used to analyze every aspect of operations.

QuickBooks in Action

There's little doubt that technical training in the software program can help prepare you for success. Here are some of the business entities that rely on the QuickBooks program for their daily operations.
  • Corporate. Smaller corporations with 20 unique users or less.
  • Small business. Many small businesses swear by this software solution.
  • Proprietors. Service professionals such as consultants and advisors.

QuickBooks Training Will Rock Your Resume

You can earn technical training in Intuit QuickBooks from a variety of business and technical schools. You can even elect to complete your technical training online, learning while you're earning in a true virtual education environment.

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