6 great targets for software applications training

Remember when we called them programs? Today applications--software packages that let a PC perform different tasks--are the power tools of office life, and whether a person is looking to move up in the ranks at a current job or kick off a new career, software applications training can help. Here are six programs for which software applications training can be particularly useful:

1. Microsoft Word

The world's most popular word processing platform is easy enough when it comes to basic use: open it up and start typing. With a bit of training on the 2007 or 2010 builds, though, professionals who work with Word on a regular basis can learn some simple functions that look like wizardry to those not in the know. Macros, tables, templates and mail-merge actions can do wonders for productivity and presentation.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Software applications training can be invaluable for the feature-rich program whose name has become synonymous with digital image retouching. Knowledgeable users can create posters or cover sheets with complex design elements, combine photos or infographics into a stylish collage, or easily add information to existing graphical documents, and the ability to do light retouching to family or personal photos is a fun bonus.

3. Microsoft Excel

Most office workers are familiar with the spreadsheet titan, but only a small percentage are aware that Excel has tons more functions than simply holding information in scalable cells. Pros with software applications training in Excel can calculate, sort, filter, outline, and subgroup data, as well as enhance the numbers with bar and line graphs or pie charts.

4. Microsoft PowerPoint

Especially useful for those in management, teaching or sales positions, PowerPoint training can help professionals transform an ordinary, bland slide presentation into an enjoyable multimedia show. Presenters can learn to embed video, create transitions and build animations in the PowerPoint environment, as well as pick up design techniques to optimize information flow.

5. Quicken & QuickBooks

Not only can Intuit's accounting platforms help today's workers manage their finances, a good portion of administrative jobs require familiarity with at least one of them. Software applications training in these powerhouses of fiscal mathematics can teach students how to manage investments and loans, create detailed reports, and operate business accounting functions such as creating invoices and handling credits and refunds.

6. Microsoft Outlook

Modern business operations lean heavily on email communication, and those with software applications training in Microsoft Outlook can stay ahead of the inbox game. Savvy users can add value to the email experience with the personalization, tracking, archiving and categorizing tools built into Outlook, and any administrative professional who can manage multiple shared and personal calendars through their email client is sure to be a big help around the office.

These popular programs make up only a fraction of the wide world of business software applications. Training for the applications used in nearly any office should be available either online or at a local learning center. Look deeper into software applications training and discover the advantages it can bring to a working life.

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