Why Quark Training is Always in Style

Despite newer software options in the graphic design and publishing industries, programs like Quark are still alive and well. Quark design training can provide you with the skills to navigate and effectively use this layout and design tool and help you build a computer graphics and design foundation that can serve you well in a variety of careers.

Quark and Adobe Battle Over the Digital Frontier

Much has been said about Adobe's new Creative Suite 3, which is predicted to greatly influence the graphic design community in the coming years. Rich, engaging, animated content is what consumers want now. Web designs must include flash. Presentations should have 3D animation to impress clients. All graphic images need layering and depth in order to captivate and convert business.

The Quark v. InDesign battle that has been waged over the years has quieted with the anticipation of the new Creative Suite 3. This doesn't mean that Quark training isn't valuable, however. Quark is still one of the design mainstays used to create publications across the globe, and it holds a huge presence in print journalism.

Keep Your Quark Skills Sharp

With Quark now available on Mac systems, which represent a growing constituent of computer jobs in design and publishing, the benefit of design or technology school training in Quark appears to be increasing. Quark training is not just about qualifying for computer graphics jobs, though. Broadening your education to include building expertise in writing, editing, and typography can further enhance your job prospects. These skills can expand your opportunities from just design and computer jobs into publishing and other industries.

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