Microsoft PowerPoint Training and Certification Preparation

Microsoft PowerPoint training and certification teaches you a range of skills essential to creating an effective presentation, such as how to use PowerPoint's collaboration tools to enhance teamwork, allowing others to preview your presentation and offer feedback. You can edit your draft and add the final polish in preparation for the ultimate goal -- effective presentations! Here are some other fantastic lessons you can expect to learn in a PowerPoint training class.

PowerPoint Training and Certification Teaches Presentation Skills

The time and effort you put into PowerPoint training and certification would all be of little avail were you not able to properly present your finished product. To that end, you'll be trained to use Powerpoint's collaboration and presentation features and design utilities.

Microsoft PowerPoint training will teach you how to:
  • Use the "track changes" features in PowerPoint.
  • Accept or reject changes.
  • Manipulate comments--adding, editing, or deleting them as needed.
  • Merge multiple presentations.
  • Physically prepare for a presentation by setting up equipment and the facility properly.
  • Show that you have rehearsed your timing adequately.
  • Prepare presentations for publication.
  • Prepare presentation tools such as handouts, outlines, and notes for the presenter.
  • Export the presentation to another Microsoft Office program.

Boost Your Resume with Microsoft PowerPoint Training

A well-rounded PowerPoint training course can give you the skills you'll need to make an effective professional presentation. Of course, the training, while valuable in and of itself, makes a welcome addition to any tech-savvy professional's resume. After all, in a job search--as in the business world--no skill is quite as valuable as good presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Exam Skill Standards
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