Microsoft PowerPoint Training- Formatting Content

PowerPoint training and certification shows you how to bring your presentations to life using its dynamic graphics and sound enhancements.

PowerPoint Training Teaches You to Create Exciting Presentations

Your PowerPoint training will teach you to bring your presentation to life using animated text, sound, and specialized graphic effects.

Some of the content formatting types you will learn and be tested on in a PowerPoint training and certification program include:
  • Understand principles of effective presentation, which will maintain continuity and generate excitement without overcrowding or overshadowing the content.
  • Be able to manipulate the graphics, pictures, and shapes you use in your presentation.
  • Apply prepared slide themes, design templates, and color and animation schemes.
  • Be able to create or import purchased slide themes, design templates, color schemes, and animation schemes.
  • Know what each of the different slide transition effects are and understand how to apply and manipulate them.
  • Work with preset slide templates to customize them for your own particular needs.
  • Use, customize, create, and manipulate masters in your presentations to easily incorporate static information throughout.
As your knowledge and experience with Microsoft PowerPoint increases, so will the quality of your presentations. By investing in PowerPoint training and certification you fast track yourself to a level of expertise that can help you stand out from the crowd.

"Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Exam Skill Standards."
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