PHP Updates Send Information Technology Pros Back to School

While most high-tech companies still hire entry-level information technology professionals, the latest recruits look very different from their predecessors. Many employers now encourage experienced customer service professionals to earn A+ certifications so they can handle front-line tech jobs. According to industry analysts, this paradigm shift not only creates new job opportunities in the information technology sector, but it helps companies focus on the quality of service.

Top Traits Sought by Entry-Level Information Technology Employers
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Business Experience
  • A+ Certification or Equivalent
Some of the fastest growing careers in the information technology field involve face-to-face jobs that cannot be staffed overseas. In addition, dissatisfaction with offshore support has caused some employers to move their remote help desks back to North America. While entry-level tech jobs often pay less than networking or programming positions, they offer attractive upgrades for veteran retail and customer service professionals.

Many employers use the CompTIA A+ Certification as a benchmark for training service-oriented recruits. Because the A+ certification is platform-independent, trainees focus on applying their customer service skills to general computer troubleshooting. Three A+ certification specializations highlight specific career paths:

CompTIA A+ Certification Specializations
  • IT Technician
  • Remote Support Technician
  • Depot Technician
Each of the specializations available through the CompTIA A+ certification process offers compelling job opportunities to customer service professionals. IT technicians work face-to-face with frustrated end users in environments where empathy and communication are sometimes more important than raw technical knowledge.

Likewise, remote support technicians require superior patience and language skills to navigate complex conversations. Depot technicians with retail experience can help repairs stay on track at remote service facilities. In all three cases, customer service professionals can help make major changes in company culture by combining their career experience with new skills gained through A+ certification.

Check out our CompTIA A+ FAQs.

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