Oracle Training Easier than Ever

There are over 800,000 people taking Oracle courses, and a quarter of those are getting their education online. The proper training is vital for any career in information technology, and Oracle training has achieved a new popularity since Oracle became the standard for database management.

There are over 400 Oracle training centers worldwide, and hundreds more independent programs that offer information technology training in Oracle systems. The Fortune 500 company's dominance of database management is global; a training facility was just built in Brazil that will be able to train 7,000 students a year.

Oracle Training and Certification

The most popular Oracle certification is the Oracle Certified Professional DBA (Database Administrator) Certification, consisting of four exams. This isn't the only option, however. Many computer jobs in information technology require other Oracle certifications, such as:
  • Oracle Internet Application Developer certification: Students in this program gain a background in SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Oracle Java Developer certification: Oracle has partnered with Sun to create this training program, where students learn Java for Oracle and get certified by both companies.
  • Internet Database Operator certification: This training is great for database administration and other Internet-based jobs in information technology.

Becoming a DBA

For information technology professionals looking to switch over from their current computer job to a DBA role, Oracle certification can be ideal. Most major employers will require their DBAs to have at least one certificate from Oracle. To evaluate your training program, whether in-person or online, look for things like accreditation, certification options, scheduling, and cost. You're bound to find an Oracle training program that works for you.

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