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For a successful computer career, it's essential to keep yourself up-to-date and your options open by investing in training and certification from time to time. If you work with Oracle databases, their Forms Developer certification will add to your skills and knowledge, and increase the number of jobs you can apply for.

If you have experience with Oracle database systems and are trying to decide how to build your future computer career, why not consider training to become an applications developer? You'll improve your understanding of the way Oracle databases are designed and structured, and increase the number of Oracle jobs you are qualified to do.

What Does a Computer Applications Developer Do?

Oracle applications developers design databases to meet all their users' current and future needs for data storage and reporting. The developer's job is similar to a programming job, in terms of the developmental languages used, the need for attention to detail, and a logical and analytical approach.

Oracle developer certification has two levels:

  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate (OCA)
  • Oracle Forms Developer Certified Professional (OCP)

OCA Certification

To become an OCA you must pass a compulsory 90-minute exam, plus another 120- minute exam from a choice of two, at a cost of $90-$125 per exam. Exam topics include:

  • writing basic SQL statements
  • manipulating data
  • writing control structures
  • creating and managing tables
  • PL/SQL programs
  • creating procedures

The certification is designed to test the candidate's ability to build Internet applications for both Oracle9i and Oracle Database 10g.

OCP Certification

Once you are an OCA, you can upgrade to OCP status by taking a further 120-minute exam at a cost of around $125. This exam tests your ability to use Oracle's Forms Developer tools in building Internet applications.

Training for both OCA and OCP certification is available on the Internet, using books and CDs, or by attending a short program at a school or college, so start now, and increase your options for Oracle jobs and opportunities.

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