Training and Certification in Oracle's E-Business Suite 11i to Enhance Your Job Opportunities

Computer software giant Oracle has just introduced three new training and certification programs for its popular e-business suite of applications. If you already work with an e-business suite, or are thinking of applying for jobs in the future that might use it, why not check them out?

Oracle is one of the world's largest computer software companies, and its e-business suite applications are used by some of the most successful businesses around the globe, including Baxters Food Group, Gianni Versace SPA, Remy Corp. and Telenor.

What Is an E-Business Suite?

Introduced in 2001, an E-business suite is a group of integrated, Internet-based applications that are intended to cover every aspect of running a business, from recruiting staff to producing financial reports and statistics. Nearly two dozen different modules are available, including Human Resources, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Finance and Business Intelligence.

Companies can use the entire range of e-business suite applications as one comprehensive package, or choose individual modules to cover specific functions.

Training and Certification for E-Business Suites

Different training and certification programs are available for the various modules, but three new ones have just been introduced:
  • Financials Consultant (exams in E-Business Fundamentals, General Ledger Fundamentals, a choice of Payables Fundamentals or Receivables Fundamentals, plus a hands-on course requirement)
  • Supply Chain Consultant (exams in Business Fundamentals, Inventory Management Fundamentals, Purchasing Fundamentals or Order Management Fundamentals, plus a hands-on course requirement)
  • Applications Technology Administrator (exams in Implementing Oracle Workflow, System Administration, Installing, Patching and Maintaining Applications, plus a hands-on course requirement)
The first two are intended for people who have or want jobs that involve working with the Finance and Supply Chain applications, while the third is for system administrators.

You can do the training for these exams by attending a face-to-face course or using a CD-based tutorial at home, and until May 31st, 2007, each of the exams will be offered at a special price of $50 because they are still in the "beta" (i.e. testing) phase; after that date the price will go up to $90.

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