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The information revolution relies on computerized databases, and on employees with the skills and training needed to create and maintain them. Oracle's Certified Professional certification is intended specifically for database administrators who have these sorts of responsibilities.

Training for Oracle Database Jobs

Oracle is one of the world's biggest suppliers of information software, and computer databases all around the globe depend on it. Demand is already high for people with Oracle skills and training, and is expected to get higher as the overall number of jobs for database administrators increases over the next to seven to eight years. If you're interested in making a career in database management, it makes sense to earn an Oracle certification.

Why Choose Oracle's Certified Professional Certification?

The Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator accreditation (OCP DBA) was voted "Best Database Certification" in CertCities.com's 2005 reader survey, largely because of its "universality." Certification can help you:
  • Compete for employment, by proving to employers that you have the skills and training they are looking for.
  • Do a better job, by expanding and deepening your knowledge
  • Increase your earning power. According to Certification Magazine's 2005 annual salary survey, OCPs were earning $79,640 compared to an Oracle Certified Associate's (OCA) salary of $71,740.

Training For Certification as an OCP

To become an OCP you must first have OCA status. Once you have achieved this, you can prepare yourself for the OCP using books, CDs, online resources and maybe even attending a short course.

To gain OCP status you must pass a 90-minute, computer-based exam (at a cost of $125) which will test you on a variety of topics on database administration (e.g. recovering from user error, dealing with database corruption, configuring for multilingual applications).

In addition, you must fulfill the hands-on requirements. This means attending one Oracle-approved instructor-led course (either in class, or online), and submitting a Hands-On Course requirement form.

So go ahead, make yourself more employable and more competitive by earning Oracle's Certified Professional accreditation.

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