Oracle Certification: Ideal for IT

Looking for a job in IT? Having an Oracle certification on your resume will boost your chances for jobs at most major companies (and even small ones). Oracle training is offered by a wide variety of universities, and can be completed online.

The Gold Standard

Oracle is the gold standard for database management in business today. Its software enables businesses to manage operations, keep financial records, run their websites, generate product and sales data, and so much more.

Oracle Certification

Being Oracle certified means you are qualified to work with and on Oracle systems. It has the potential to apply to any job role in IT, operations, customer service, and finance.

Oracle itself offers certification for its OCP and OCA programs (Oracle Certified Professional/Associate), but there's no need to feel restricted by this option. There are a large number of schools that offer Oracle certification programs either on campus or online.

In your Oracle training, you will have the ability to emphasize your certification in one of Oracle's product areas:
  • Oracle Database10g
  • Oracle 9i Database
  • Oracle Application Server 10g
  • Oracle Application Server 9i
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Oracle Forms Developer 6i


Even if you hold a bachelor's or master's degree, Oracle certification can set you apart from other job candidates. Just a few years ago, only 1/3 of IT or computer industry professionals held degrees in computer science; today, that number is climbing. You'll need something to gain a competitive edge when applying for jobs in IT, operations, finance, and of course, computer engineering. Think of what Oracle training can do for you.

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