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Certified Oracle database administrators are said to make an average of 28% more than non-certified professionals. Getting the best computer jobs means getting the best training, without ruining your already busy schedule.

Oracle Certification in One Week

Research by the industry analyst group IDC found that certified professionals in information technology handled 40% more support calls than non-certified professionals. Not only that, but companies who advocate Oracle training reported 49% less down-time. Not bad for a course that can be done in two weeks.

Or now, just one. One third-party vendor has just cut its Oracle certification course down to just one week (it was a two week course until recently). Information technology training in Oracle databases and architecture typically lasts several weeks or even months, if classes are taken gradually.

Condensed Programs

Some vendors offer intensive courses that last only 1-2 weeks, offering information technology professionals the chance to take one period of time off from their computer jobs and aims at efficiently training students.

Summer is a popular time for many information technology professionals to take Oracle training. The faster a training program is complete and employees can return to their jobs in computer science, the better.

More Training Options

A one-week intensive Oracle training program is not for everyone. If a gradual training program is your preference, most programs lost longer, and you will find a wide variety of training programs available. Online and distance learning programs are available too, offering maximum independence for employees with jobs in computer science.

Almost all computer jobs have slack time for information technology training, allowing employees to bolster their career prospects without falling behind. Jobs in computer science are unique in that constantly updated software requires constant training. Keeping up to date on your training can keep your career healthy.

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