Computer Networking Training Today: Information Security and Beyond

At the Infosecurity Europe 2007 conference, one speaker asked the room how many people thought their networks were secure. Only one hand was raised. As the issue of security grows in information technology, secure data becomes a greater and greater concern and growing business investment for companies. While it may not be the best news for today's businesses, increased computer security awareness spells opportunity for potential networking professionals.

The Evolution of Computer Security

Ten years ago, hackers attacked operating systems, networks, firewalls, and other systems. As network security became more critical, people in information technology strengthened firewalls and made a lot of changes across the board to stop these attacks.

Unfortunately, as network security technology advanced, so did the techniques for bypassing it, and hackers have moved on to other targets. Today, many network security concerns deal with application-level systems. Web-based and desktop applications are some of the biggest targets of security breaches. Custom applications, Web-based applications, and poorly written code are three of the top security issues.

And virus distribution is not all hackers are after these days. Data theft and computer remote control are some of their other goals.

Network Security Training for Tomorrow's IT Pros

Entire jobs are dedicated to network security these days, making training important, and professional certification-like Cisco certification-can give your resume a major boost. Companies like Cisco provide a variety of certifications, and many of these computer security training courses can be found online.

Computer security jobs today can be found at any number of corporations in many industries. They can also be found at software development firms, Web design firms, and other organizations within information technology. Jobs as database administrators, network administrators, and security engineers are popular positions to pursue after training in network security.

Computer security training can also lead to jobs in a variety of industries, such as telecommunications. Security is something that every industry values in an increasingly electronic information-sharing world, and you can create a safe career future in computer security.

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