Give Your Computer Career A New Outlook With Microsoft Vista Training

Everyone is talking about Vista, Microsoft's recently launched computer operating system. The predictions are that it is going to beat all the competition hands down, so make sure you sign up for some relevant training to have the best chance of competing for jobs in the future.

Microsoft Vista Signals Big Changes for Computer Users

With the release of its new, revolutionary operating system, Microsoft is aiming to change the way we all use our computers. Vista turns the PC into a multimedia device that can handle a variety of functions, including video editing (it has built-in software), automatic digital camera and camcorder recognition, and TV recording.

While companies like Google and Apple are also cashing in on the video craze, Microsoft has the massive advantage in that its Windows OS is already used on 90 percent of PC's.

The Knock-on Effects for Computer Training and Jobs

Market analysts predict that for every dollar Vista earns for Microsoft, twelve more will be spent elsewhere, on upgrading hardware, software and peripherals like screens, speakers and HD-DVD drives. Rechnology companies around the world are expected to reap around $110 billion as a result.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that as the Vista computer operating system becomes the norm, the number of jobs for people who know how to support it will increase.

If your employers are upgrading to Vista in the near future, or if you simply want to keep your skills up-to-date, consider earning one of the new Vista certifications. Details of these were released recently, and a number of schools and colleges already have training programs underway.

Getting Started With Vista

The Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MCTS) is the new entry level Vista certification. To earn it you must pass a single exam that tests your ability to install and configure the Windows Vista operating system, applications and tools for PC's and mobile computers.

If you want to prove to potential employers that you have Vista expertise, and compete successfully for the jobs you want in the future, sign up for Vista training now!

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