Microsoft Training Represents a Higher Standard

Competition for computer jobs is getting harder. Recently, a leader in the computer manufacturing industry raised its hiring standards and now requires Microsoft certification. Read on to find out what it takes to get computer job training.

Dell Raises the Bar

Dell is hiring. Despite the recent bad press about their laptop batteries, the computer manufacturer is still growing strong and hiring over 500 IT professionals to fill computer jobs at a call center. Jobs in customer support require extensive training before and after the job begins; Dell is looking for more qualified candidates to fill these challenging positions.

These computer jobs require education, but that's not all. Now they require certification as well. Dell is looking for candidates with either A+ certification or Microsoft certification, because 80% of its customer support requests are for tech support.

Dell is developing new technology to support its customers' needs, including a solution where its specialists can access users' systems to help diagnose and solve computer problems.

Microsoft Certifications

Computer job training has always been important, but Dell's recent announcement raises the bar for candidate requirements. Microsoft certification is always excellent for the resume, and in some cases (like this one), a requirement for computer jobs.

Dell is looking for Microsoft engineers, but there are more certifications are available for career building, such as:
  • Technology Specialist
  • Developer
  • IT Professional
  • Architect
As Dell has shown, candidates who have Microsoft certification on their resumes are more desirable. Regardless of what companies computer professionals apply to, computer job training is becoming more and more of a necessity.

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