Computer Networking Professionals Prepare for Windows Server Update

While small business and consumer Windows users tiptoed through the Vista operating system upgrade during its launch year, Microsoft's 2008 release schedule holds two major challenges for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers. While Windows Vista Service Pack 1 hopes to address many of the initial concerns of desktop users, the 2008 version of Windows Server supercharges the popular enterprise platform with hundreds of new features that emphasize networking.

Meanwhile, as equipment manufacturers start shipping business computers exclusively with Vista, MCSE professionals must prepare for a full migration to the new operating system. Since many enterprise users typically wait until the release of the first Service Pack before switching their platforms, most computer networking professionals are taking time now to get training on the latest features in Vista and in Windows Server.

Key Windows Server Updates for MCSE Professionals:
  • IIS7 as a large-scale server component
  • File Sharing to support over 1,000 concurrent connections
  • Fast User Switching for thousands of simultaneous users
Many Microsoft training programs have already helped students prepare for the transition to Microsoft Windows Server 2008. Training on advanced features before a business deploys the latest version of Microsoft Windows Server can help IT professionals plan for new hardware installation and for end-user training.

Computer enthusiasts who have contemplated a career move have also found that earning MCSE certifications before the launch of a major release helps them better position themselves on the job market. Whether working as computer networking consultants or as in-house engineers, MCSE professionals enjoy access to the latest beta releases and security updates from Microsoft. In a year when many large companies invest heavily in their networking infrastructure, MCSE professionals stand to reap some of the biggest rewards.
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