Microsoft training spotlight: MCDST certification

The IT field is an exciting and expanding career track. Within this technical industry you can find your particular niche of expertise. Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician training, or MCDST training and certification, is an excellent way to build computer troubleshooting skills for your IT career.

What Will MCDST Training and Certification Do For Me?

Besides giving you a starting point for your IT career, the MCDST training and certification process will give you the credentials needed to work at a support desk. With computers becoming more and more integral to businesses, the importance of certified support desk personnel should continue to grow. By being able to prove your thorough understanding of the Microsoft Windows operating systems, you will be in a more competitive position to qualify for these jobs.

What Does the MCDST Training and Certification Involve?

There are two exams required to achieve your MCDST certification. The first tests your ability to offer support and troubleshoot users of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system. The other tests determines your ability to provide effective support and problem-solving solutions to users of desktop applications using the Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

Test Prep and an IT Career

In preparation for these exams, MCDST training programs offer extensive education in the operation of the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and how applications interact within that environment. You will also have ample opportunity to gain practical experience in solving these situations through assignments. By the time you have competed your MCDST training and certification, you should be confident in your abilities to about start an IT career.

Microsoft Certifications: "MCDST Certification."
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