Start an online business with Microsoft FrontPage technical training

Technical training in Microsoft (MS) FrontPage can give you the skills you need to take an online business from theory to reality. Even if your Web development project is pure hobby, the MS FrontPage gives the average you versatility second only to true Web and graphic design training.

MS FrontPage in Action

MS FrontPage is Microsoft's HTML editor and Web site administration tool. Its interface and feature-heavy applications have made it an accessible Web site design program for many people. Here are some of the features that make MS FrontPage so popular:
  • WYSIWYG. Automatic Web templates and "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" design features have made MS FrontPage the pick for those with beginning design skills.
  • Features. FrontPage handles HTML, CSS, and Java / JavaScript commands. A built-in image composer lets you manipulate graphics.
  • Collaboration. Task assignment features allow you to issue projects to colleagues. Net capabilities allow designing to occur from any Internet connection.

Go the Extra Mile with MS FrontPage Training

Learning how to stretch the MS FrontPage tools to their limit will help you create remarkable Web pages. If you're designing pages professionally, FrontPage training from an accredited source can make your more valuable to your employer. There are a number of ways to learn MS FrontPage.
  • Online. Distance education lets you learn MS FrontPage while keeping your current position. If you're designing for a home business or for fun, online classes let you study on whenever it's convenient for you.
  • On Campus. Colleges, universities, and technical schools offer you the chance to interact with others. Learning FrontPage with a live instructor may make the process easier for you.
  • Mentorship. Learn from an associate who is already an expert in the program. Bear in mind, however, that even experienced MS FrontPage users may not be able to teach you everything you'd like to learn. A certified Microsoft instructor can.
MS FrontPage training can help you become a Web design professional. Increase your computer capabilities and career prospects in one course.

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