Software project management and Microsoft certification high on IT wish lists

Though bloggers have been touting the benefits of "Web 2.0" for the last few years, many IT career experts predict that the next twelve months will see the widest adoption of interactive online tools in the enterprise market. As in-house software projects reach the end of their natural development cycles, programming teams are actively searching for professionals with software project management training and Microsoft certifications to help build the next generation of custom tools.

Larger employers, like banks, transportation companies, and health care operations, rely on in-house programmers. With the release of Windows Vista and with major changes to the .Net programming framework, IT managers are eager to recruit programmers with recent Microsoft certifications. While understanding the .Net framework is an important skill for any enterprise-level IT career, innovations like Silverlight offer new opportunities to build dynamic tools.

Most Popular Microsoft Certifications among Hiring Managers:
  • ASP / ASP.Net
  • Visual Basic / VB.Net
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)
Faster Development Cycles Highlight Need for Software Project Management Pros
Meanwhile, a trend toward agile programming teams often results in faster cycle builds at the expense of team meetings and formal communication. Therefore, many IT managers seek new hires with software project management training. IT career training programs allow solo programmers to enhance the kind of team building skills necessary to work in the enterprise sector.

Recent studies by IT analysts and by employment recruiting firms indicate that IT career professionals with a combination of Microsoft certifications and software project management training can command salaries of ten to fifteen percent more than peers without this education. Convenient training options from colleges, universities, and career schools make it easy to gain the skills necessary to earn more money in today's IT career marketplace.

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