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After an intense battle with Lotus 1-2-3 for market share in the early 80s, Microsoft Excel emerged as the prominent spreadsheet program for businesses. It's unique graphic, reporting, and display features are able to organize significant amounts of data in meaningful ways. It features an intuitive interface and calculation and graphing tools.

The Capabilities of Excel 2007

Excel is a powerful tool-it's no wonder that businesses both large and small depend on Excel for organizing data and managing analytics. Here are just a few of the features that make Microsoft Excel so popular:
  • Formulae. A streamlined formula bar and updated AutoComplete functions allow you to manipulate various calculations with ease and assurance.
  • Sorting. Whittle down an enormous amount of data with Excel's sorting and filtering functions that allow you to set predetermined values.
  • Charts. With contemporary designs and clip art additions, the charting features of Excel will give new life to tedious tables and spreadsheets.

Positions Involving Excel

Perhaps the best part about earning technical training in Excel is that it can help you across almost any profession. If you're fresh out of high school or looking for amid-career change, this training can help you with numbers at your work or your personal accounting.
  • Accounting. CPAs and corporate accountants track financial transactions.
  • Human Resources. HR directors organize and report data on employees.
  • Management. Administrators assimilate strategic plans and fiscal goals.
Microsoft technologies are changing the way we do business. And these technologies are shaping the future of several industries. Getting technical training in Excel can help you prepare to ride a wave of opportunity.

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