Macromedia flash: Training on one of the Web's most used animation programs

Macromedia Flash training programs and certifications are becoming more and more popular. The widespread acceptance of Flash by virtually all web browsers is one thing that makes Macromedia Flash training programs so important. The reason it has become so globally popular is due to its very small download size. The programming language used by Flash, known as action script, is among the most inclusive. It accepts vector and raster graphics as well as bi-directionally streaming audio and video.

Has Adobe's Purchase of Macromedia Affected Flash?

On December 3, 2005 Adobe purchased Macromedia and gained Flash along with Macromedia's other initiatives. By all projections, Adobe's acquisition of Macromedia will only enhance the effective development of an already universally used product. By enrolling in an online or instructor lead Macromedia Flash training program you will acquire the newest advancements to the product.

What Macromedia Flash Training Programs are Available?

There are two Macromedia Flash training programs and certifications available. They are the Flash MX 2004 Designer and the Flash MX 2004 Developer certifications. The first is a certification given to those who demonstrate proficiency with the Flash IDE or Integrated Development Environment. The Developer Certification is for those experts who work within the active script language of Flash itself. Both certification exams recommend 2 years experience with the program. Attending one of the many excellent online or instructor-lead Macromedia Flash training programs is also an excellent option for speeding up the process.

When it comes to web development and design Macromedia Flash is computer certification training that you should not ignore.

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