The basics of HTML training: For computer jobs and more

Now over a decade old, hypertext markup language (HTML) was created as a way for teachers to research information online. It's now used to help create virtually every website in the world.

You can use HTML to format text, images, links, animation, and more. HTML writing is one of the most important skills of a web developer, as well as a prerequisite for other jobs in computer networking.

Jobs That Use HTML

Other computer jobs that often require HTML skills are:
  • Webmasters
  • Software Programmers
  • Database Administrators
  • Creative Directors
  • Multimedia Managers
  • Technical Writers

HTML Training

Getting HTML training is your first step if you're interested in a job in computer networking. Computer job training is available from a variety of sources, included third party vendors, not to mention the internet. What better way to learn website creation than from a website?

In an HTML training program, you'll learn the following:
  • Identifying different HTML codes
  • Creating HTML documents using software tools and text editors
  • Writing a series of web pages
  • Creating a network of web pages that also link to external internet sites

Training for Every Industry

The federal government predicts that professionals with web design capability and experience will have the best job prospects among designers in the next decade.

Training in HTML can qualify you for more than just computer jobs at internet companies. All businesses, big and small, need websites. Other groups, like schools, hospitals, sports teams, and artists need web design too. Knowing how to write HTML can make you marketable for many exciting careers.

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